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Yorkshire and the Humber Local Education Training Board (YHLETB) has developed a special training resource, making engaging and advanced methodologies available at sustainable rates. This unique resource unrivalled in scale and innovation - is now available across the country and to organisations outside healthcare.

Simulated patients (SPs) are role players who effectively train professionals in communication and diagnostic skills. Over the past nine years we have developed and grown a large cohort of such skilled role players.

This resource, owned and by Yorkshire the Humber NHS (SHA) and managed at the University of Leeds, is a one-stop resource for users of simulated patients (SPs) and all live training solutions around the country. Our vision is to expand the use of this valuable resource to improve healthcare training and make it easily accessible to all.

Since 2004, we have delivered a wide range of training and education solutions across a number of different disciplines and levels. In particular, with our peerless quality assurance and booking process, plus quantities of highly trained personnel, we have become an industry leader in the provision of simulated patients/role players.



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